Art of Spirit had its beginnings with me, Patricia Walsh-Collins. It is my inspired journey and vision that has led to the creation of this business, but it is my sincere hope that it will continue to be a shared vision with you as well.

I am a teacher. I have taught art and world religion at the grade school level for years. Through my teaching, I have traveled and connected with a variety of different cultures around the world. The people that I have met from these cultures have changed my life.

I believe there is an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom tucked away in our native cultures. It is my hope to facilitate a conversation through trade. By connecting and nurturing relationships with native communities, not only do I learn but, I am able to share their ancestral knowledge and traditions with you. I am a teacher, but more importantly, I am a student.

In the spring of 2014, I took my greatest leap of faith yet. I left my full time, almost twenty-year teaching position. I was compelled to do it because I feel called to teach in a broader, more expansive way. Now, not only will Art of Spirit be seeking, sharing, and educating through trade, we will also be offering inspirational and self-awareness programs to both children and adults.  Click here to check out our workshops as well as our Earth School at and see if there might be something that’s a good fit for your organization or group.

Through our shared work together, we learn, respect, and value the wisdom, and skills that not only reside in traditional cultures, but reside within ourselves as well. Knowing and understanding what matters most to others, reflects back our own values and faith, to both ourselves and our children. I believe the time for sharing in an effort to individually and collectively reach our full potential and move forward with grace.

The motto of Art and Spirit came to me from my dear indigenous friend in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. He said these words to me and I found them to be completely inspirational! I live my life by them, and have adopted them as the motto of Art and Spirit. They are very simple, but very powerful words.
This is what he said, “ With love and effort, everything is possible.”


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