Posted on Jan 22, 2015 in Intentions

In the frigid morning air along the Delaware, I surrendered to the magnificence of five bald eagles. They roamed up and down the river valley, much like we move from room to room within our homes.

Two parents, three juveniles, blew up and down the river, as they dropped from the trees, rolled through the skies, and landed at the water’s edge. What an absolute delight!

 More delightful was their message.

 ‘Relinquish ….. relinquish your grasp, your command over the natural world and open your hearts.

The mystery and the mastery of the natural world can never be underestimated. It is abundance. It is full.

It is glorious, and you are a part of it!

Man’s dominion over the natural world is coming to an end.

We invite you to nurture a more intimate relationship with us, the animals, plants, and trees, and find your balance.

Find true comfort, grace and wisdom here among us.

Lose your fear, be curious as you walk upon the earth, swim in her waters, and breath her air.

Step into a deeper ‘knowing’.

Lose the fear.

Breathe…take in our beauty. Take in and feel the beauty of your life in ‘The Life’… Share in ‘The Life’ that is all around you.

It is all here for you.

We are here for you.’

The animals are imploring us to come closer. For when we do, we will heal. We will heal our hearts and our relationships.

 The ancient prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor states that a time will come on our Earth when the Eagle (the masculine, logical, industrialized ‘do-er’) will fly in harmony with the Condor (the feminine, creative, heart centered, being). That separately , they are each at risk, but united and in balance, they (we) shall not only survive, but flourish into a new age.

 Now this morning, I have Eagle himself beseeching,… inviting us to embrace the notion that the time of man’s dominion over the natural world is ending. The energy of the masculine is shifting to that of the feminine. This is not about gender. It is about energy.

 The deep, connected wisdom that we internalize from the natural world will soothe and heal our hearts, which in turn will recalibrate our relationships with other lives.

As we inhale the knowledge and the heartbeat of the natural world, we can’t help but exhale our own breath of truth, release, and healing, both within our selves and beyond.

 The time of domination is over. There is no survival when one dominates.

  ‘The Life’ is our medicine.