IMG_1387From high in the Andes Mountains, we bring you the finest of traditional jewelry. The Quechua people of the Andes are incredibly skilled with their intricate construction of this fine silver jewelry.  The majority of our metalwork is 9.5 silver, which means it is of the highest grade, almost pure silver! ( higher grade than sterling).

Not only do the artists fabricate this gorgeous wire jewelry, they are involved throughout the entire process of making the wire. The process begins with melting the pure silver pellets, (mixed with a tiny bit of copper) in a crucible, pouring bars and ingots, and then, spending hours rolling the various gauges of wire necessary for these one of a kind designs!

Known as Peruvian Filigree, this jewelry incorporates many symbols of the Peruvian culture and landscape. The wire wrapping is so expertly done, that little, if any soldering is required. It is highly skilled work!

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