Mucahua Pottery is the traditional ceramic work of the indigenous Kichwa people of the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. This craft is handed down through the women of the family. The bowls are constructed from the local white clay of the forest. They are constructed from clay coils, burnished into very fine, lightweight bowls, and fired in a bamboo fire. Intricately detailed motifs of spirit animals of the forest are then painted inside and outside of the bowls. All pigments and glazes are derived from plants of the forest. Traditionally, brushes are made from the lovely, fine hair of the female artist.
In the Kichwa culture these bowls are used for drinking their ceremonial drink of Chicha. In our culture, these bowls are mainly decorative as the natural glazes can be eroded by some food products and detergents. They are not dishwasher safe. The Mucahua pottery is stunning in its beauty and carries great meaning from the culture of the rainforest!

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