In the Cathedral

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 in Intentions

In the Cathedral

 They had been calling me, for two years.

Then, they lured my son.

Now I am here, and I am in awe….

in awe of the magnitude of their presence.

 All else is diminished in the company of these ancient Sequoias.

Their elegant grandeur is witness to the continuum of time.

What have they witnessed, harbored, birthed and survived?

 ‘What have you to teach me? In this most holy cathedral,

what is it that you want me to know?’


A ring of new growth redwoods surrounds each ancient stump.

The young trees grow in a circle around the elder.

They derive their nourishment from their elder.

As the elder metamorphoses from tree to soil, it becomes the very food

that spawns and sustains the growth of the young.

And so it is with humans.

 In the silence of the cathedral they whisper to me.

‘Don’t forget your elders. Remember to respect your elders, and feed on their wisdom.

They will teach you. They will nourish you if you listen. Keep them close.’


A timely reminder for me personally, but also for our society at large.

As we yearn for a life that honors and cherishes our inner gifts and values,

these powerful ancients are reminding us where to find our teachers…where to seek wisdom.

 It resides in the hearts, minds, and eyes of our elders.

Much of our map to our ancient future can be seen can be seen through the eyes of a lifetime,

…from the vantage point of age.

It is that simple.

 Bless you dear Sequoia.

And bless and thank you, our dearest elders.