Kashmir, India Collection
Historically, Kashmir has been known for it’s fine textile work. The word cashmere has its origins in the Himalayan mountains of Kashmir. For thousands of years family’s have gathered in their homes and created this finely detailed hand work .

The same is true of the paper mache’ work. These two traditional arts have been grounded in the community life of Kashmir and have expanded to the far reaches of Asia and Europe. It has been said to me that each piece is made with love and blessed by the family.

Ecuador Collection
All work from Ecuador is ‘of the forest’. It is the traditional work of the indigenous Kichwa people. All materials and designs are derived and inspired by the Kichwa’s personal relationship with nature. The Kichwa possess a straight forward beauty, attitude and grace, which comes from living symbiotically in the natural world and it is reflected in this very fine, deeply spirited, traditional work.

Peru Collection

From high in the Andes Mountains, we bring you the finest of traditional jewelry. The Quechua people of the Andes are incredibly skilled with their intricate construction of both metal and macrame jewelry. The majority of the ‘Peruvian Filigree’  metalwork is 9.5 silver. This means it is of the highest grade, almost pure silver! ( higher grade than sterling). Both the metalwork and the Macrame work is higly crafted, carries symbols of the Peruvian landscape and most importantly, carries with it the good energy of the Andean highlands.

Nepal Collection

From the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, we bring you the ancient tradition of Singing Bowls. For thousands of years, the mystical people of Nepal have used singing bowls for cleansing, meditating, and healing. Working with the sound vibrations of these bowls is a very personalized experience. Each bowl is personal to the hand that plays it.

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