Posted on Mar 22, 2015 in Intentions


I thought I was going out for a sunset walk in the park, but I experienced so much more! I was mulling over an idea that I have had for some time, when I was enveloped in the most amazing natural discourse.

 First, the sound, the thunderous call of a gathering. Then, the sight …hundreds upon hundreds of geese gliding downward to land in the only remaining pool of the otherwise frozen lake.  The legions of geese descended causing the displacement of hundreds and hundreds of seagulls, which resulted in the most spectacular interwoven aerial shuffle!

 This winged dance was a delight …enough for me to take a seat on the freezing cold walkway for at least 25 minutes (not much of a walk).The energy was exhilarating and it drew me in.

 Everyone had a role to play from the  ‘off kilter’ geese approaching with their landing gear down, to the seagull who flew the perimeters of the gathering as if he was herding. The nearby fence was lined with stoic gulls, happy to witness but not partake…. Beneath them were the Great Blue Herons…aloof, but ever vigilant…there might be an offering? The setting sun draped the trees and the deer gathered below in a wash of gold, and oh yes, there were some humans also…

 We all stood (or sat) in wonder. Finally, I had to move on…. the sun was down, deer were eating, birds were carrying on…. loudly, as my beautiful half moon moved into position directly above me. This was the confirmation that I needed…the wonder that I want to share with others.

 For years, I have been thinking about a school centered around nature…to return children to the land …to serve as a response to NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder).

 It is unanimous. I hear it. I feel it! We need this.

Our kids need this….We need the ‘other education’ that invites us to move closer to the rhythms of the natural world, and allows us to recognize and believe in our own inner knowing.

 So there it is …confirmed by nature herself. Off I go, … home to work out the details. And even as I drive out of the park, I receive one final nod of assurance, from a little screech owl perched close by for me to see.

 And so it is……The Earth School.