Can we free Him?

Posted on Jan 14, 2015 in Intentions


Years ago I attended a conference hosted by the Dalai Lama. For three days, I sat in his presence and witnessed the discourse between himself , leading scientists, educators, and health practitioners, as they shared philosophies, practices, and evidence substantiating the universal benefits of our deepening, inner spiritual life.

In his closing statement, His Holiness, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, and revered spiritual teacher throughout the world, stated,  “We should all be secular.”

Although the statement was a bit surprising, it made perfect sense. He was challenging us to ascend to our higher selves, beyond the divisions of religion. He was asking us to get ‘big enough’ in our thinking, our feelings, and our actions, to transcend the boundaries and perceptions of individual religions. He presented us with the opportunity to recognize ourselves as united spiritual beings.

Recently I have been hearing the words of Pope Francis as he leads his followers, and the world, toward relaxing, and possibly deconstructing some of the religious parameters that confine and divide us.

Is it possible that these two noble men of spirit (and probably others) are challenging us to broaden and deepen our love, and our spirits to break free of the divides of organized religion?

Perhaps, in keeping with His ‘secular’ message, His Holiness is suggesting that if we rose to this challenge, his spiritual embodiment or presence would no longer be needed, and in fact, it might hinder that collective intention?

 Can we free him?